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Sarengo Canyon is located on Umoja. It was created when the terrans first settled Umoja; the supercarrier Sarengo crashed into the planet, carving a canyon into its surface.

Access to the zone is heavily restricted, but it became home to drifters, squatters, and other odd characters that hide amongst the broken rocks and scattered wreckage. The Umojan Protectorate security forces engage in fierce conflicts when trying to sweep the area of intruders.[1]

The area may be visited by authorized personnel, however. Juliana Pasteur, daughter of Umojan Ruling Council member Ailin Pasteur, once invited Confederate citizen Arcturus Mengsk there.[2] The Kel-Morian Research Facility was also able to access the Sarengo itself.[3]


The Canyon was formed at the end of the Long Sleep, when the Sarengo and Reagan landed on Umoja. The Sarengo crash-landed, killing its 8000 passengers,[4] leaving behind a giant canyon. The Umojan Protectorate has long declared the area a restricted zone.[1]

General Dodds ordered one of his commanders to remove new settlers to the area without bothering to investigate why they had settled there, authorizing the use of lethal force if necessary.[1]

Game Map[]

The canyon appears as a multiplayer map in StarCraft, supporting up to four players.[1]


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