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This article or section contains information about StarCraft: Ghost, which has been declared non-canon. Elements may be taken as 'flavor lore' however.
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"For Sari'jal, the quest for balance is valued above all things; balance within, and balance throughout the universe. Our way is to walk the path of shadow. If it becomes necessary to take a life, all emotion must be put aside. Anger, hatred, vengeance… these imperfections must be burned from a true warrior's spirit. When your spirit is balanced, at the instant of the kill - there is no right or wrong - there is only... the reckoning."

The Sari'jal are a Nerazim tribe (or clan).


The Sari'jal seek to restore and maintain the balance and even the scales of justice throughout the galaxy. They follow the Shadow Path, which allows them to shew traditional morality to view themselves as forces of nature, and avatars of a concept known as "the Recknoning." They have little in the way of compassion toward the Khalai. One can gain membership into the tribe by killing another member of the tribe, thus taking their place. The tribe operates out of the ship, the Void Seeker. Terrazine is sacred to the Sari'jal.[1]


In early builds of StarCraft: Ghost, the Sari'jal would track down Jackson Hauler and his terrazine mining operations on Aiur. While there, a member of the tribe Tanagazj challenged ghost agent Nova to a trial by combat, and was slain. When Hauler betrayed Nova and left her for dead, the Sari'jal elder Zangakkar recovered her, welcomed her into their tribe, and led her to Hauler's base on Char. Finally, they helped Nova assault his base of operations at Gehenna Station, with two of their members, Solar'a and Aura'Khan, who merged into a dark archon to kill the spectre Vulcan.

In the final encounter against Hauler, Zangakkar was mortally wounded, but Nova was able to kill the spectre leader. Zangakkar gave her his psi blade, and hoped she wound find balance among the stars.[1]

Known Members[]



  • Zangakar's description of the Sari'jal appears to mimic an early gameplay trailer for Ghost, where the trailer's narrator uses some words near verbatim.[2]
  • According to Chris Metzen, the names of the Sar'jal tribe members were inspired by Sri Lankan names.[3]


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