Saunders was a terran who enlisted in the Sons of Korhal upon the group's formation.

Saunders lacked the confidence that Arcturus Mengsk and many others possessed when it came to planning operations. Still, he was willing to fight and die for the rebel cause.


Saunders was a native of Umoja. It is known that he visited Vyctor 5 before joining the Sons of Korhal, only to find himself back on the planet upon joining the rebel movement. The raid was successful and among other things, a Doctor Flanx was brought aboard the ship.

As it turned out, it was a decision that would cost Saunders his life. The rebel's ship, the Hyperion, was approached by the Confederate ship Norad II, which sent a squad of marines onto the Hyperion to investigate and take it over. Flanx was only too happy to alert the Confederates that this was a rebel ship. Flanx and the marines were confronted by a Sons of Korhal team, causing the doctor to snap, grab one of the Confederate gauss rifles and open fire. Despite the doctor's wild aim, Saunders was peppered with 8mm spikes and killed almost instantly.[1]


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