Overseer Scaggs was a Kel-Morian Combine military commander based on Turaxis II during the Guild Wars.


In 2488, Kel-Morian forces engaged Confederate forces near Fort Howe. This battle was called the Break-Out.

The Confederates were victorious and chased the Kel-Morians east into the disputed zone. Scaggs ordered a number of his men to hide in the Raffin Brothers Mine only a few miles east of Fort Howe. Due to the recent battle, Fort Howe was low on troops. Scaggs ordered Foreman Oleg Benson to lead an attack against the still-nearly-empty Fort Howe several day later, capturing a landing zone, which would enable transports to carry in a large number of troops. He not only approved of, but insisted upon looting Howe. However, the assault was defeated.[1]


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