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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

Scar is the unofficial name for a zergling which played a role in the battle of Artika.


The zergling hatched on Char, and immediately began a fight with another zergling. "Scar" achieved victory, killing its competitor, but receiving the eponymous scar on its head, along with an injured mandible.

Scar was brought to Artika, where it participated in a losing battle to acquire a xel'naga temple for the Swarm. During the end stages, it entered the temple, interrupting a fight between a terran marine, Private Jin-ho Lim, and a protoss zealot, Khastiana. Scar jumped Lim from behind, killing him, only to be killed by Khastiana.

Sarah Kerrigan later commented that successful strains of zerglings could be continually replicated within the Swarm, suggesting that Scar was successful, and its genotype would be replicated in succeeding generations of zerglings.[1]


The name "Scar" was given by StarCraft Legacy on its StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 1 review, only for identification purposes.


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