Scheeler was a terran medic, serving with the Colonial Fleet.

Scheeler was present on Tarsonis during the final days of the Confederacy, where the Confederate armies were obliged to defend the planet from the imminent Sons of Korhal invasion. Scheeler served alongside Lieutenant Commander Fleet in Valkyrie that carried the 22nd Confederate Marine Division to Fagin's HQ with Malcolm Kelerchian per orders to retrieve Nova for recruitment into the Ghost Program.

The mission was far from peaceful, ranging from a firefight to a collapsed building. Scheeler had to be called out of the Valkyrie to tend to Kelerchian, who had been caught under falling rubble. However, the mission was a success, though with the fall of Tarsonis to the zerg, was academic.


Scheeler appears in the novel StarCraft: Ghost: Nova, written by Keith R. A. DeCandido. Another medic named Scheeler appears in the novel Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars, another novel by DeCandido.


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