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Schezar's Zerg Swarm was made of zerg broods enslaved by Schezar's Scavengers.


Alan Schezar and his Schezar's Scavengers raided Aiur. They obtained special protoss technology from a temple[1], which could be used by ghosts,[2] along with khaydarin crystals, to control a cerebrate.[1]

The enslaved zerg were first observed by Terran Dominion Alpha Squadron sent to an unidentified jungle planet in order to break up one of Alan Schezar's smuggling scams. The enslaved zerg worked to defend Schezar, but were still defeated.[3]

The same zerg, along with a cerebrate, were seen in another battle. Dominion emperor Arcturus Mengsk ordered the Alpha Squadron detachment to destroy the cerebrate, which was commanding numerous zerg forces which would fight alongside the Scavengers. The Scavengers had captured a number of high templars and were holding them here. The Scavengers also held Praetor Mojo in stasis on Aiur, but Mojo was able to contact the science vessel commander Magellan to inform him of his plight. He told them not to kill the cerebrate as Schezar could just get a new one, while he could do worse things with the khaydarin crystals taken from the high templar. Magellan and his companion Tom Kazansky decided to disobey the order to destroy the cerebrate and instead rescued the protoss.[4][2]

Meanwhile, the enslaved zerg had been unleashing a Torrasque against protoss forces back on Aiur. It had slain many protoss warriors.[1]

The enslavement came to an end when the former Alpha Squadron detachment rescued Mojo and joined forces with his "boys". Unfortunately the Torrasque was unleashed against them. While the allies destroyed it, it simply reincarnated near its cerebrate and would attack again and again. Magellan noted that the Torrasque's genetic signature was similar to the cerebrate's and Mojo theorized that slaying the cerebrate would prevent the resurrection of the Torrasque.

The cerebrate was destroyed, eventually breaking the power Schezar held over the zerg.[1]


The Dark Templar terrorist, Ulrezaj, enslaved numerous zerg forces on Korhal with warped khaydarin crystals, and they fought alongside the Schezar's Scavengers. Protoss forces led by Zeratul arrived there in order to recover a stolen khaydarin crystal (mistaking the warped crystal for the real thing). Seeing terrans once again fighting alongside the zerg, Mojo mistook these forces for ones controlled by Alan Schezar.[5]


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