The science vessel is a type of terran starship used for general exploration and scientific research purposes.


Science Vessel SC1 Art1

The science vessel

Science vessels have been in use since at least 2478.[2]


The terrans of the Koprulu Sector built Explorer-class science vessels to conduct a wide range of research and development projects, stationed at points throughout the Koprulu Sector and beyond to study anomalous phenomena[3] and early on, search for alien life.[2] In addition, the Confederacy's Epsilon Squadron used science vessels extensively for border surveillance and study.[3] Explorer-class commanders and crewmen required a PEB (Preferred Experience Base) of any hard science and electronic warfare.[4] The primary function of the science vessel was the employment of its detection abilities. Other functions, with the appropriate equipment, included the creation of a defensive matrix, the generation of a short ranged EMP[3] (alternatively this could be detonated at a distance via the launching of a warhead)[5] and irradiation of a target via a high-energy stream of radioactive particles developed from technologies in nuclear waste disposal, saturating it with damaging energy.[3] For increased energy output, a titan reactor could be installed.[3] All science vessels possessed Ghost Program files, stored in a secure room at the bottom of the vessel, in case a ghost required "repair" (what amounted to medical aid in the program).[6]

ScienceVessel SC1 CineInauguration1

A science vessel being constructed

When contact with the protoss and zerg devolved into open warfare, many Explorers were requisitioned by military authorities to provide electronic warfare and support for forces in the field,[3] along with aiding the research and development of new weapons and technologies.[4]

After the Brood War, the Terran Dominion substituted the raven for the expensive science vessel in the battlefield support role.[7]


During the Second Great War, Raynor's Raiders were able to develop a new class of science vessel. This model can carry out hull repairs through nano-technology and retains the irradiation function from its predecessor.[8] The Dominion Armed Forces were seen using this type of science vessel later in the war.[9]


The Kurzweil-class science vessel is an experimental craft, designed by Valerian Mengsk, and in service by 2505.[10]

Game UnitEdit


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StarCraft: GhostEdit

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An overlord being irradiated

Science vessels acted as unseen support units in StarCraft: Ghost. Nova was able to call down irradiation,[11] EMPs and a scan function that gave info on enemy strengths, weaknesses and history.[12]

StarCraft IIEdit

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Known Science VesselsEdit

UEDFleet SC1 CineUEDVicRep1

A science vessel (right) alongside battlecruisers (left)


Known Science Vessel Commanders/CrewmenEdit

ScienceVessel SCR HeadAnim

A science vessel crewman


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