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Scott Dagget was a mine operator, working on extraction of vespene gas from the crust of Maltair IV. He had a less than cordial relationship with Senator Corbin Phash, resenting the miners' low wages and the presence of the Dominion marines that Phash had brought for his protection.


Dagget threatened to persuade his miners to vote against Phash if they didn't get what they wanted, and also suggested he could get money from "another source" (which Phash saw as treason).

However, Dagget was presented with a new set of problems with the arrival of the zerg, taking shelter down in the mines along with the senator, his six-year-old son Colin, six marines and numerous civilians.

Buried SecretsEdit

Seventy hours later, Colin detected approaching zerg. Senator Phash claimed that Colin had sharp hearing. The marines fought off the zerg, but lost one of their number. Piett, one of the marines, tried to reveal that Colin was psychic, and when Captain Veers tried to distract him by reminding him of his brother's fate (being made a part of the Ghost Program), Piett exclaimed that psychics should be used as weapons.

Dagget also believed that Colin was psychic, and the only reason he hadn't been made into a weapon was because of his father's influence. Senator Phash lost his temper and attacked him, but Dagget shoved him into a vespene explosion, knocking him out. Veers ordered Dagget to carry Phash until he could carry himself.

Dagget would lead the group to a safe bunker, a half-day's march away. While the group rested, Piett kidnapped Colin and tied him to a pillar with some explosives, and Veers rushed off to rescue him. Piett took command of the remaining marines, while Dagget would set off the explosives. (By the time he did so, Veers had already rescued Colin.)

The group moved on, only to be cut off by the zerg before they could reach the bunker. Dagget begged for his life, but a hydralisk simply decapitated him.[2]


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