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The scourge is a zerg air unit in StarCraft.


Scourges spawn in pairs. Patrolling scourges may help deter low intensity enemy drops. Without supervision groups of scourges tend to lock onto and attack the first target that comes into range which may be overkill against low-HP targets (causing scourges to sacrifice themselves needlessly). Using other units to draw enemy fire may allow scourge to hit. Scourges are useful against carriers; it only takes five of them to down one carrier.

Corsairs may be micromanaged to negate attacking scourges. If the corsairs are not managed so expertly, armor upgrades may be beneficial for scourges. Battlecruisers in large groups are also ideal for countering scourges. Scourge cannot attack ground units.

If a scourge egg is hatched after the controlling player is eliminated, one will spawn normally but the other will become blue and neutral.


+1 bonus to armor per level for overlords, mutalisks, guardians, devourers, scourge and queen.

Purchased from
Hotkey C
Level 1
Cost 150 Minerals 150 Vespene gas 266seconds
Level 2
Cost 225 Minerals 225 Vespene gas 298seconds
Required Lair
Level 3
Cost 300 Minerals 300 Vespene gas 330seconds
Required Hive


Selected Confirming order
Repeatedly selected
Other lines


Originally, scourges were called "avengers." Instead of being produced at a hatchery, they spawned from destroyed guardians and overlords.[1][2][3][4]



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