"We regard the swift one-man Scout as a tool for exploration and light combat, but against the inferior technology of other species it is a formidable combat unit on its own."

- Anonymous protoss(src)

The scout is a protoss aerospace superiority and reconnaissance starfighter.


"Never actually seen this up close. They blow up good?"
Scout SC1 CineFuryXelNaga1

A scout under fire

The scout is a versatile and powerful protoss fighter,[1] though are generally considered by the protoss to be more for scouting purposes.[2] However, scouts are easily a match for most other craft, employing antimatter missiles against aerial targets and dual photon blasters against ground targets.[2] Their anti-matter missiles fare well against heavyweight enemy flyers.[3] The Dark Templar maintain(ed) their own scouts and equipped them with technology to engage in FTL travel through the Void.[4] Some protoss escape pod designs were modeled after the scout, and retain the fighter's maneuverability.[5]


"The speedy, gritty scout was once the primary all-purpose air/space superiority fighter of the protoss fleet. The protoss originally regarded the swift one-man craft as a tool for exploration (as its name suggests). But when confronted by terran and zerg flyers of the time, the scout matched up surprisingly well as a frontline combat unit."
Scout SC1 Art1

Scouts flying high

Scouts were in use as early as the Golden Age of Expansion.[6] In their days of service, scouts served as point guards for the protoss fleet,[2] used as an all-purpose air/space superiority fighter.[3]They were maintained in the hangars of carriers,[4] and were often called upon to engage hostile forces.[2] Shortly before the Great War, recent developments in enhanced sensor systems and high-power engines further increased its effectiveness.[1] As the protoss found themselves in conflict with both the zerg and terrans, it was discovered that the scout matched up surprisingly well against their alien counterparts as a frontline combat unit.[3]

Since the end of the Brood War, the scout was steadily in the process of being phased out by the phoenix.[7] However, the design was still used by the Daelaam, and was incorporated into the Tal'darim arsenal by 2504.[8][9]

Game UnitEdit


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StarCraft: GhostEdit

Scout SC-G Game1

A scout seen from below

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Scouts were to appear in StarCraft: Ghost.[10] There are indications that they could be flown in singleplayer.[11]

StarCraft IIEdit

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Known PilotsEdit

Scout SC2 Head1

A scout pilot



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