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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

The creature during the fall of Aiur

Sea urchin-looking creatures appeared as supermassive Zerg Swarm spacefaring bioforms during the Great War, when the Overmind mobilized his forces to prepare the invasion of Aiur. They followed the Swarm through a wormhole and prepared to besiege the planet.[1]


The sea urchin creature was designed for the StarCraft cinematic "The Warp," as the artists behind the cinematic thought there needed to be larger zerg creatures than the standard zerg units present. The unit was not present in the gameplay of the final game.[2]

The creature appears in the mission introduction art for "The Invasion of Aiur" and "Full Circle" in the original StarCraft,[3] but has been removed in the reworked art for StarCraft: Remastered.[4]

Though its role in the swarm appears to be similar to the behemoth, behemoths are described as manta ray-like, while the sea urchin creature is more amorphous.[5]

While leviathans were present during the battle of Aiur,[6] it is unclear whether they are connected.


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