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Sector Six was the xenobiology wing of the Revanscar Moebius Foundation facility. It was part of the Hybrid Breeding Program, and became the central location for the breeding of hybrids in the End War.[1]

Lieutenant Colonel Sparks was in charge of security, and assigned Brute Squad to guard the sector. They were given orders not to access the sector's Black Wing. A hybrid began to get loose and control the minds of the staff of the facility, and drove Professor Benz to steal an experimental plasma gun and shoot the sector indiscriminately. Two scientists were killed.

Brute Squad took it upon themselves to investigate the sector after strange dreams and occurrences caused by, themselves, and the hybrid psychically contacted them and told them that they were among the chosen. The lab technicians of Sector Six began exhibiting the same signs of insanity as Professor Benz, with self mutilation marks on their arms and eyes.

Brute Squad decided to mutiny and investigate the sector's top secret Black Wing themselves. They subdued Sparks, but several members of the squad were already under hybrid control and began slaughtering the lab technician and Cranston, the one member of the squad not made into a hybrid thrall. The squad entered Black Wing, and encountered the hybrid, which took control of the last independent squad member Commander Dorian.[1]

The sector became part of the primary hybrid breeding operation for Amon's forces during the End War. It was destroyed during the Daelaam assault on Revanscar, when the Spear of Adun bombarded the facility.[2]


  • Black Wing
  • Iso Wing


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