"Sir? How many people did we lose? Or is it too early to say?"
"The same as always, son... we lost too damned many."

- Jim Raynor and Senko conversing(src)

Captain Senko, a.k.a. Zulu Six, was a terran marine. He wore battle-scarred armor and deep creases bracketed both sides of his mouth.


Senko was the commanding officer of Firebase Zulu on Turaxis II during the Guild Wars. He directed his forces during the battle that took place there in 2488. He liased with Jim Raynor (callsign Zulu-Two-Three) during the fighting, said fighting resulting in the Kel-Morians being defeated. He approached Raynor afterward and commended him and his team for their actions, but was despondant at the number of Confederate soldiers that had been killed in the battle.[1]


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