The sensor tower is a terran building first introduced in StarCraft II.[1]



Units detected in the fog of war

A sensor tower uses passive and active thermal and electromagnetic scanning along with input from seismic sensors and Doppler analysis, enabling it to pinpoint any target within range. Even foes hiding behind terrain features can be detected, although they won't be identified without visual verification.[1]

The multi-spectrum output enables foes to easily detect the presence of a sensor tower and identify the location of the base that holds it.[1]


Some strategies revolve around "spoofing" the tower with decoy units or simply staying outside its range. Terran commanders have been known to counter by erecting sensor towers in fake base locations just to keep enemies guessing.[1]

Game UnitEdit


The sensor tower has a passive radius which exposes enemy movement. Said units are revealed on the minimap as red exclamation marks. It cannot detect cloaked or burrowed units.

Other players can see the radius as a colored circle on their minimap, revealing its location.

Upgrades and Abilities
Purchased from Engineering bay
Hotkey B
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 100Time SC2 Game1
Radar SC2 Icon1

Able to expose enemy movements within its radar capability. Does not reveal the area.


Wings of LibertyEdit

In the Wings of Liberty mission "Outbreak", the player is given access to the sensor tower. In this mission a tower is pre-constructed on a hill overlooking the main entrances to their base to allow forward knowledge of attacks from the infested colonists.

Co-op MissionsEdit

A neutral sensor tower is shared by both players in the Co-op Missions map Dead of Night. The sensor tower is indestructible[2].



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