"I'm what? Not acting like a dog anymore? Not cowering down whenever I hear Ivan's boots behind me? Every morning we do our ritual to remind ourselves that we're not animals. Then we come in here and get treated like them. I'm tired of it... just... tired..."

- Serj(src)

Serj was a port grub who lived in Deadman's Port. He befriended a fellow port grub named Vik, but the two fell into the gang of the crime lord Ivan. He was a large man, with an surprising intellect for his upbringing. Serj attempted to escape the gang but was killed.


Serj was born and raised a port grub at Deadman's Port. He befriended another grub named Vik, and the two took up engineering to raise enough money to leave the port. They took up a pact to leave the port on their own terms and not become like the rest of grubs, which they views as "animals on two legs." Eventually, the crime lord Ivan caught wind of their engineering talent, and forced them into his gang, implanting transponders in their arms. Serj and Vik worked for several more years for Ivan, but whenever they would save up a good bit of credits, other grub gangs would steal them, or they would run out of food.

Eventually, Ivan's gang raided a smuggler who was smuggling zerg larva. Vik and Serj were called in to take care of them, when Hutchins began playing with the larva and taking bets as to whether he could kill the larva. Ivan killed Hutchins, and demanded that nobody mess with his product. Vik and Serj were tasked with doing what they could to keep the larva alive until Ivan could sell them to his contact. The two looked up information on the hypernet and looked as to how to raise them.

However, one of the larva stopped moving and died. Vik panicked, but Serj suggested that they take the remaining larva and sell them to get out of the port. The two verbally fought, and Vik refused to take part. Serj called Vik a coward, and Vik ran home after the two parted on bad terms. Serj attempted to steal the larva, but was caught by Ivan. Ivan beat Serj to death with his needler, and according to Ivan cried and whimpered like a dog as he died. His body was fed to Ivan's shale dogs. Vik was told of Serj's fate, and then forced to clean up what little was left as punishment for not telling Ivan about the theft ahead of time.

Serj's death would inspire Vik to rebel against Ivan, eventually killing him and ending his gang. Vik took one of Serj's wings as a token to remember him by, then sold the rest of his possessions and left Deadman's Port.[1]


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