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"Known as shadowguards, these elite operatives are employed to keep the secrets of the Umojan Protectorate, as well as keep the peace."

- Unit description(src)

Shadowguards are psychic Umojan Protectorate agents.


Unlike Terran Dominion ghosts, they are not subject to controls such as neural inhibitors, but are expected to act with integrity. They can read and influence minds, even using their abilities to appear as other people through the use of psiweaves.[1]

Shadowguards appeared to wear armor similar to that of the ghost hostile environment suit, with varying helmet design. Shadowguards were assigned both for covert operations and defensive duties, such as guarding the Umojan Protectorate space platform the Keep. Even among Terran Dominion ghosts, confronting a shadowguard was considered to be rare, and surviving such an encounter was unheard of.[2]

Umojan shadowguards hold one rule above all others: never use the powers of deception to deceive your own.

Shadowguards who have shown bravery and sacrificed for the safety and future of Umojan society are given an award named the Guardian’s Order.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Shadowguard SC2-LotV Portrait1

Shadowguard skin portrait

UmojaGhost Skin Game1

Shadowguard skin unit

Shadowguards are available in StarCraft II as a skin for ghosts, through purchase of the Umojan War Chest.

Known ShadowguardsEdit


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