Sharpsburg is a Terran Dominion settlement.

Years following the End War, civil unrest among the population lead to several arrests.[1] The Defenders of Man had an outpost established in the city.

After months having gone missing, Nova Terra awoke in a Defenders of Man facility in Sharpsburg. After regrouping with her squad, the Defenders of Man began to destroy their facility to stop Nova. Nova and Stone escaped on vultures, but the Defenders of Man tailed her through the highways of Sharpsburg. Nova defeated their outriders and took down a Warhawk, and escaped the planet through the city's spaceport.[2]

Later, Universal News Network reported that there was a pending investigation of a highway disaster following Nova's escape of the planet.[3]


Sharpsburg is likely named after the real world town of Sharpsburg, where the Battle of Antietam took place during the American Civil War.


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