Shi is a former mining world and the fourth planet in the Baker's Dozen.[1]


Shi was a Confederate haven after the formation of the Terran Dominion. Along with the rest of the system, it was owned by the Calabas family, part of the Old Families.

A group of Old Families scions were sent to Shi from Tyrador IX after the Fall of Tarsonis. They found the mining outpost abandoned, but were given clearance to land. As they got used to their new accommodations, a mysterious ship deposited a zerg drone by drop pod. The drone created a hive cluster, and the security forces were wiped out when the zerg attacked.[1] In reality the pod had been sent by Arcturus Mengsk himself—he knew the Old Family heirs were on the world, and was willing to use the zerg to eradicate the remnants of the Old Families. [2]

The scions were stranded when the Old Family ship left. An attempt to use mining lasers to defend themselves failed. Only four were alive nine months later, split into two isolated pairs. They continually made distress calls.[1] Eventually, hope arrived via a combined Dominion Marine Corps and Ghost Program force. After a fierce battle, the heirs were rescued.[3]


In Chinese/Japanese, "shi" means "four," and phonetically sounds similar to the word "death." The dual meaning may have been intentional in the context of Ghost Academy.


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