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The Shrike turret is an automated gun mounted on top of terran bunkers.

The turret was developed during the Second Great War by Raynor's Raiders, based on research into zerg spore crawlers.[1]
By 2505, the shrike turret had been incorporated into the Terran Dominion arsenal.[2]
By 2506, Moebius Corps had also acquired Shrike turrets.[3]

Game Unit[]

Bunker with shrike turret

The Shrike turret upgrade is available in the Wings of Liberty campaign. It is researched in the Hyperion's laboratory and costs five zerg research points.[1]

The Shrike turret's range and damage is equivalent to a garrisoned marine without upgrades. The turret allows an empty bunker to defend itself.

The Shrike turret upgrade and the fortified bunker upgrade are mutually exclusive. The latter increases bunker hitpoints.

The Dominion is seen using them in installations such as New Folsom Prison and Skygeirr Station, but only on harder difficulties.

A useful tactic with Shrike turret bunkers is to spam them in defensive positions without placing any units in them. AI opponents will not ignore the bunkers due to their attack, letting the bunkers serve as cheap, but effective decoys. This gives plenty of time to allow Siege tanks to eliminate enemy ground forces, or buys you time to reinforce the position with your army.

In Co-op Missions, Raynor unlocks shrike turrets on his bunkers at level 7.[4]


Adds an automated turret to bunkers.[1]

We have developed an automated turret that comes standard with all bunkers. This turret, which is based on our studies of spore crawlers, adds extra firepower to manned bunkers and also allows unmanned bunkers to contribute to base defense.

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion laboratory for 5 zerg research points


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The turret was once designated the "Mk.8 Shrike automated impaler turret", and it was created by Servo Servants.[5]


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