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A shuttle

The shuttle is a winged[1] terran starship that is not to be confused with its protoss counterpart. Primarily used for spaceflight, they are often attached to battlecruisers[2] and other large ships.

Inner atmosphere shuttles equipped with ion thrusters also exist. That engine design was later adapted for the vulture.[3] At full capacity, a shuttle can hold up to forty individuals.[1]

Shuttles are capable of making short hops through warp space, albeit with very limited range.[1] Capable of making terrestrial landings,[2] shuttles also carry emergency beacons which can run for up to three years continuously.[1]

Shuttles are also available for civilian use and act as transports between adjacent star systems. They may even be hired for private travel.[4]

Known Shuttles[]

Possible image of an atmospheric shuttle

Known Shuttle Pilots[]


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