Silas Trask was a gangster based on Turaxis II. He liked wearing gaudy jewelry.

During the Guild Wars Trask's gang frequently kidnapped people near the town of Finner's Crossing. They would be stored at a farm complex that he owned. Many were "stored" in the "tank", a hole in ground of a barn.[1]


In 2488 Trask's gang captured Hiram Feek, Connor Ward and Max Zander, off-duty members of the First Squad of Special Tactics and Mission Platoon, at a fake Confederate checkpoint they had set up, when the latter was giving away food to refugees at Finner's Crossing. They took the food too. Feek was able to escape and warn the squad.

Zander and the rest of the squad had gotten the money to buy food from a robbery they had conducted at their base of Fort Howe. As a result, they could not count on their superiors for help. Lance Corporal Jim Raynor, son of farmers, believed the bandits would have been spotted in the seemingly-empty farmland, and took his superior, Sergeant Tychus Findlay, to Hurley's bar there. For a high sum, they bought a map of Trask's hideout.

Hurley in turn warned Trask they were coming. Trask moved his military captives out of the barn and to the farmhouse. He subjected Zander to physical abuse as he didn't try to hide his disgust at Tarsk. The two were tied to chairs.

The bandit leader underestimated the quality of his opposition. Feek, though a civilian, worked with the STM platoon as the designer of Thunderstrike armor, which was capable of great leaps. His position also enabled him to outfit the off-duty marines with experimental weapons. While sniper Ryk Kydd began the assault by neutralizing the sentries, Feek contributed by jumping through the farmhouse's roof into Zander and Ward's room.

As bandits rushed out of the house, Trask slipped out to the barn, but a medic associated with the squad, Lisa Cassidy, shot him in the head. Trask's corpse fell into the pit within. Findlay stole his jewelry.[1]


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