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"Truth be told, I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ve become thoroughly immersed in the sweeping and epic sci-fi/future war saga that is Starcraft..."

- Simon Furman(src)

Simon Christopher Francis Furman is a comic book writer, particularly associated with of a number of notable Transformers comics for Marvel UK, Marvel US, Dreamwave, and most recently, IDW. He also wrote the final episode of the Beast Wars: Transformers cartoon, the Transformers Ultimate Fan Guide, and several convention exclusive comics and novellas.

Furman was the author of StarCraft comic.

He was informed in December 2010 that the series would be canceled while he has "solidly" into writing the second arc. However, this heralded a change in editorial direction.[1] Furman proclaimed the original graphic novel to be "definitely on" in June 2010[2] and had scripted about half the product by August 2010.[3]

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Furman has also used the pseudonym Chris Francis on occasion, most notable when editing Marvel UK's Transformers in order to keep his role separate from writing some of the stories.


  1. "Well, in December I got the news from Wildstorm that StarCraft would finish with issue #7. Which was disappointing, because I was solidly into the next story arc , which featured some of the game’s heavy-hitters. But, this just heralded a change of editorial direction, and I expect/hope to be back in the StarCraft universe in 2010 in the shape of an original graphic novel featuring those selfsame heavy-hitters. More details as this firms up." Simon Furman. 2010-01-31. 2010 – UPDATES!!!. Simon Furman Wordpress. Accessed 2010-06-21.
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  3. "Hi Dylan – the StarCraft (100-page!) OGN is happening as we speak. I’m midway through the script, and although there are no War Pigs in it, it does pick up on some of the brewing story strands from the comic run. In fact, it pits two of the SC Universe’s biggest and baddest characters against each other in a story that will have repercussions for the entire Koprulu Sector. Probably won’t see print until mid to late 2011. I’ll keep you updated." Simon Furman. 2010-08-12. CANDY ASSORTMENT Simon Furman Wordpress. Accessed 2010-09-10.

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