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The Simonson Munitions Factory is located on the world of Korhal and the (formerly) secret site of the development of the Odin.[1] The factory was locked down to prevent release of information, but it was finally infiltrated by Umojan Protectorate intelligence agent Ulli Trey[2] in 2503.[3] False information left behind implicated the Koprulu Liberation Front.[1]

The facility is protected by a plascrete wall and marines wearing blue CMC armor.

Within, the facility houses huge hangars, cavernous testing facilities, a rec facility (which itself contains med-bays, crew quarters, and vid rooms), and very large air ducts.[1]


Walt Simonson is a comic book artist associated with the comic book character Thor. Simonson also worked on the World of Warcraft comic from Wildstorm.


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