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  • Zerg-bot, a similar form of robotic zerg
SimulantBaneling SC2-LotV Art1

A simulant baneling

Simulants are a form of robotic zerg.


Main article: Project Simulant

A white, blood-like substance is located inside all simulants.[1]

The simulants were created using entirely terran technology (supposedly) as part of Project Simulant.[2] They are mechanical reconstructions of various zerg breeds, including:

  • Baneling: A recreation of the baneling posed a unique problem for engineers, as their carefully harvested acid sacs kept melting through the surrounding plate infrastructure. Eventually they made it work.
  • Brood lord: A brood lord prototype was created that exceeded all standards.
  • Corruptor: Rather than spores, simulant corruptors posses self-replicating nanites that have been programmed to perform the same function.
  • Drone: The Simulant Project began with the construction of a mechanical drone that could be used during target practice to test alternate combat techniques and weapons, but it soon grew much larger.
SimulantHydralisk SC2 Rend1

A simulant hydralisk

  • Hydralisk: Simulant hydralisks posed a significant risk to their creators, who chose to replace their claws with blades that could be easily dulled during the assembly process.
  • Infestor: Researchers failed to create an AI that replicated the infestors' neural parasites. They were removing the infestors from production when, unexpectedly, the AI began functioning perfectly...
  • Lurker: Extensive subterranean tests yielded a capable mechanized lurker, aside from its spikes, which were reshaped to better perform under blunt force impact.
  • Mutalisk: Though the mutalisk struggled with initial weight tests, its eventual success lead to many new investors for the Simulant Project—some with ulterior motives...
  • Overlord: An early creation during the course of the Simulant Project, the overlord was carefully controlled by a lab scientist, making it a critical safety point in the entire operation.
SimulantOverseer Skin Game1

A simulant overseer

  • Overseer: Unable to fully replicate the organic structure behind the overseer's eyes, the head engineer replaced them with detection sensors that fulfill largely the same purpose—aside from the aesthetics.
  • Queen: The magnificent queen was the first completed production model to go missing. Loath to publicly reveal their activities, the Simulant Project investigated the matter as quietly as possible.
  • Ravager: Simulant ravagers arefitted with heat-absorbent panels instead of spikes around their plasma fire receptacles to prevent damage to the rest of the model.
  • Roach: These machines have been outfitted with a sophisticated self-repair system to replicate the roach's incredible healing ability, while also combating structural damage from its acid reserves.
  • Swarm host: Engineers began to fall ill while working on the swarm host mechanics. However, its safety systems did not report a problem, and production continued undisturbed—fatalities aside.
SimulantUltralisk Heroes Art1

A simulant ultralisk (or similar technology)

  • Ultralisk: Early on the project, it was agreed that the team would never construct a replica of the ultralisk. When chaos overtook the lab, it became clear that the agreement had been broken...
  • Viper: A simulant viper was created, apparently near the end of the project's completion.
  • Zergling: Though they look and act just like zerglings, the simulants are purely mechanical reproductions that run wholly on electrical power sources, rather than absorbing the DNA of their enemies.[3]


Simulant SC2 Rend1

Simulant skinset

  • A simulant skinset became available in the Season 3 War Chest.[4] Simulant building skins will be introduced in the fourth War Chest.[5]
  • It is unspecified whether simulants are identical to zerg-bots or a separate form of technology.
  • A robotic zerg similar to a simulant appeared in Heroes of the Storm before the simulant skinset, as Kerrigan's "Queen of Ghosts" skin has a robotic duplicate of the ultralisk. The skin's description implies that the technology is of Umojan origin, and refers to it as a "robolisk."


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