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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

"Only the nanites in my blood are keeping me from ripping you apart...and they don't seem to be particularly fond of you either."

- Sistask(src)

Sistask is the product of a terran experiment, courtesy of mixing terran and zerg genes to form mutates to fight against the zerg. Sistask, like many of her kind, fights willingly against the zerg.

In terms of appearance and anatomy, Sistask is mostly human, though there are enough differences to make those around her uneasy. Despite this, Sistask has found a home among the marines of the Alliance, their violent personalities being similar to her own. Still, many of Sistask's violent impulses must be held in check by anti-zerg nanites.

A few years after the Brood War, Sistask and an elite Alliance squad took part in a mission to Dylar Station and Dylar IV itself, Sistask earning a medal for her trouble.


Sistask fights with claws and has the ability to hurl needles from an organ in her chest, though she is skilled in the use of firearms. She is able to speak due to an automated voicebox in her larynx.


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