Sitka is a soldier and driver who operated out of Camp Pitcairn on Cavir after the Battle of Adena.


After the death of Private Sofia Nantes, Sitka replaced her as the squad's armored personnel carrier driver. She drove them to a nearby mining colony, where they were sent to evict the miners, but were forced to retreat when the miners got violent.[1]

After Singh was injured in a bombing of her APC, she was incapacitated, but returned to active duty soon after. She apologized to her squad, saying she would listen to them, as skeptical as they were that she could be trusted. Yet, soon after squad cohesion increased and they became more efficient in their operations. Stika reported missing miners in the badlands of the planet, and they investigated. They encountered a swarm of zerglings, but the zerg ignored and sped past them.

Later, Singh revealed to her squad that the zerg attacks were connected to the appearance of the miners, and that she suspected a hive was in the region. Not long after, the zerg attacked Camp Pitcairn in overwhelming numbers.[2]

Sitka took part in the battle of at the camp, helping Singh and her squad push back the zerg when they breached the walls. The Dominion forces were successful in pushing back the zerg, though the camp was devastated.[3]


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