Skibi's Angel is a special type of medic used in Left 2 Die. When the player researches medics, two Skibi's Angels arrive in drop pods as well.


Healing SC2 Icon1
Greater Heal

Skibi's Angel heals friendly biological targets, restores 4 HP per 1 energy.

Hotkey E
Cost 1 Energy Terran SC1

Medics heal targets 25% faster and use 33% less energy per heal.

The stabilizer medpack is a new generation of medical nanobot that heals targets more efficiently and can be injected at faster rates. Show your marines that you truly care by outfitting your medics with stabilizer medpacks today![1]

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $105,000


An unused button for hiring Skibi's Angel can be found attached to the merc compound in the StarCraft 2 map editor, implying they were intended to be made available in the single-player campaign but were removed.


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