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Marine sidearm during the Great War.

The slugthrower is a type of terran gunpowder-based pistol. A range of models were available.[1]

Slugthrowers were in service as security guard sidearms by 2478. Ammunition made of the same alloys as spike pistol was available; the alloys were detectable by scanners.[2]

The Confederate Marine Corps used slugthrowers during the Great War, with one example having a magazine capacity of at least 14 rounds.[3] By this time, most common slugthrowers were ineffective against CMC Powered Combat Suits.[1] The Dominion Marine Corps issued flak pistols as sidearms after the Brood War.[4]

Slugthrowers continued to be used after the Brood War, as was the case with mercenaries like Rosemary Dahl.[5]

The blaster may be a heavier type of slugthrower.[6]


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