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Smith-puun was a terran corporal and vulture pilot, serving as the leader of First Squad in the 417th Confederate Marine Platoon. He and the rest of the platoon saw action on Mar Sara in its last days.

Smith-punn was perhaps not the most effective leader, given that he had a great deal of trouble keeping his squad in line and having to constantly bark out orders to his men to take their vultures on a higher level, most notably at Private Fu.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Smith-punn was assigned as the leader of First Squad, the platoon's main mobile unit encompassing of Private Bowers, Fu, Amy Windom and William Peaches along with himself. The squad hoped to be given the use of heavy equipment such as goliaths or siege tanks (the usual equipment available for mechanized infantry) but were instead given vultures that had been 'liberated' from the Mar Sara Colonial Militia.

He led the squad to Oasis Station along with Second and Third Squad, though due to their vulture's speed, already made several circles around the area eventually several of his men starting to detect a number of zerg lurking nearby. He led his squad in the battle against the zerg, supporting his counterpart teams, but ended up being killed by the xenomorphs.

References[edit | edit source]

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