"Move fast and strike hard."

- Snakehead Kommando motto.(src)

The Snakehead Kommando was a Kel-Morian vehicle-mounted infantry unit serving on Turaxis II during the Guild Wars. Its area of operations was the norther sector of Overseer Hanz Brucker's zone of command, and was tasked with writing scouting reports, as well as stopping Confederate patrols. It was commanded by Foreman Kar Ottmar.[1]


In 2488, the Confederate Special Tactics and Mission Platoon (sometimes referred to as "Heaven's Devils") attacked Overseer Hanz Brucker's base of operations, Kel-Morian Internment Camp-36, killing him and rescuing the hundreds of POWs found there. The remaining Kel-Morians contacted Foreman Ottmar and warned him of the impending attack. Due to a Hellhound attack, the Kommando tracked the Confederates to a mineral stripper they were hiding under.

The Kommando's light attack vehicles and armored sloths headed to the scene of battle. The Confederates hid within the mineral stripper. A sniper shot one of the LAV drivers, forcing a switch, while another Confederate soldier fired a series of rockets at Ottmar's LAV, killing him and his fellow.

As the Kommando reached the Confederates, their vehicles were taken out by vulture attacks and grenades. As the last LAVs made a run for it, Confederate Avengers descended out of the sky and destroyed them. The Confederates and their POWs were saved, and the battle was over.

The Confederates followed the Kommando's tracks to their rear echelon, capturing it.[1]


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