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The solar core

"The Solar Matrix Core... Truly an impressive sight."

The solar matrix core is located within the Spear of Adun. It is the central power core for the arkship, and provides power for the subsystems and nutrients for all protoss on board.[1] Inside it is a synthetic star powered by the rare but highly exothermic material named solarite. Because of its long dormancy, it didn't initially have the energy required to fully power the arkship's weapon and defense systems. However, Phasesmith Karax was able to familiarize himself with the core's technology, and slowly bring the systems back online.[2]

Game Effect[]

The synthetic star within

The core is a story-mode space in the Legacy of the Void campaign.[2]

A solar core portrait can be unlocked in the game.[3]



Early version of the ship's ability chart

As the player collects solarite for completing optional objectives, the solar core's power output rises and the player can activate more abilities at a time. Solarite not being used to activate abilities can be diverted to the auxiliary systems, which are divided into three categories: raising the regen rate of shields, lowering construction rate of buildings, and raising the initial supply the player has on each mission.

Every five units of solarite diverted to one of these auxiliary systems gives a 5% bonus to it, to a maximum of 20% with twenty solarite allocated. After all bonus objectives are complete before the final Aiur levels, a maximum of 300 solarite can be allocated between abilities and auxiliary systems, but this will not be enough to activate the most expensive options for all six systems and fully increase the auxiliary systems as well, so the player will have to choose very carefully based on their preferred tactics.

The available abilities are sorted as follows:

Tier 1[]

All Tier 1 abilities cost 75 energy to cast and have a 60-second cooldown. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 25 solarite to unlock.

DeployPylon LotV Icon1.jpg ChronoSurge LotV Icon1.jpg WarpReinforcements LotV Icon1.jpg
Deploy Pylon Chrono Surge Warp-in Reinforcements
Create a pylon anywhere in sight radius. Pylon takes 5 seconds to warp-in. Increase the warp-in and research speed any any allied building by 1000% for 20 seconds. Create a pylon, two melee units, and two ranged units anywhere in sight radius. Pylon and reinforcements take 5 seconds to warp-in.

Tier 2[]

All Tier 2 abilities cost 50 energy to cast and have a 60-second cooldown. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 25 solarite to unlock.

OrbitalStrike SC2-LotV Icon1.jpg TemporalField LotV Icon1.jpg SolarLance LotV Icon1.jpg
Orbital Strike Temporal Field Solar Lance
Target five points anywhere in sight radius. Fires on the target points, dealing 50 damage +50 vs. Armored to enemies. Target three points anywhere in sight radius. Stuns enemies near the target points for 20 seconds. Heroic units are slowed by 50% for duration. Target three points in a line anywhere in sight radius. Fires along the targeted areas in a line, dealing 200 damage to enemies.

Tier 3[]

All Tier 3 abilities are passive effects that always take effect when appropriate. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 25 solarite to unlock. This section requires 75 solarite to unlock.

NexusOvercharge LotV Icon1.jpg SC2 Vorazun AC - Orbital Assimilators.png SC2 Artanis AC - WarpHarmonization.png
Nexus Overcharge Orbital Assimilators Warp Harmonization
The player's nexuses automatically attack nearby enemies and have a sensor range revealing enemy units inside the fog of war. The nexus' attack has range 13, an attack speed of 1.2, and deals 20 damage. Assimilators the player builds mine vespene automatically without needing probes. Robotics facilities and stargates can transform to warp in units anywhere in pylon power. Warp-In cooldowns are lowered by 20%

Tier 4[]

All Tier 4 abilities start on cooldown, and have varying energy costs and cooldown. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 50 solarite to unlock.

MassRecall LotV Icon1.jpg ShieldOvercharge SC2-LotV Icon1.jpg Talandar LotV Icon1.jpg
Mass Recall Shield Overcharge Deploy Talandar
Recalls all units in radius to the player's primary nexus. Grants targeted units a barrier that absorbs damage. Costs 25 energy, 60 second cooldown. Grants friendly units on the map a barrier that absorbs 200 damage. Lasts 20 seconds. Costs 50 energy, 180 second cooldown. Deploy Talandar to the field, dealing 200 damage to enemies in the impact zone. Talandar moves and attacks on his own, cannot be selected or controlled, and lasts 30 seconds. Costs 50 energy, 180 second cooldown.

Tier 5[]

All Tier 5 abilities are passive abilities. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 50 solarite to unlock.

SC2 Artanis AC - MatrixOverload.png SC2 Artanis AC - GuardianShell.png ReconstructionBeam LotV Icon1.jpg
Matrix Overload Guardian Shell Reconstruction Beam
Units in radius of a power field have +25% movement speed and +15% attack speed. Units that leave the power field retain these effects for 15 seconds. Upon taking fatal damage, friendly units become invulnerable for 5 seconds. A unit protected by Guardian Shell cannot be protected again for 60 seconds. Damaged mechanical units and structures are repaired over time. Units heal 5 HP a second, structures heal 10 HP a second. Can only affect up to three units or structures at a time.

Tier 6[]

All Tier 6 abilities cost no energy and start on cooldown, with a cooldown of five minutes. From left to right, each ability requires an allocation of an additional 50 solarite to unlock.

PurifierBeam LotV Icon1.jpg SC2 Vorazun AC - TimeStop.png SC2 Artanis AC - SolarBombardment.png
Purifier Beam Time Stop Solar Bombardment
Fires a beam that deals 750 damage, 1500 against Armored, to units in the area of effect. The beam lasts 15 seconds. The player can control the beam, or it will automatically acquire targets. All enemy units and structures on the map are frozen in time for 20 seconds. They cannot move or attack but take damage as normal. Note: this affects heroic units and hybrid. Bombards target area over 15 seconds with 200 random shots. Each shot deals 15 splash damage, 30 against Armored.


The core has been described as "the heart and soul of the ship".[2]



Starcraft 2 ► Legacy of the Void Cutscene - The Solar Matrix Core (LOTV Campaign Walkthrough)


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