"Okay, listen up marines! Welcome to Sonyan, the most miserable crap-hole this side of the core worlds. This ain't boot camp and it sure ain't paradise, so wherever you've been stationed before and thought was bad, this is worse. The chow sucks, the barracks have more holes than an Impaler target, and you won't be leaving without at least one trip to the infirmary. Any questions?"

- Captain Angelina Emillian addressing Dominion section upon their arrival(src)

Sonyan is a desert planet, filled with a number of barren mountain ranges.


Originally claimed by the Kel-Morian Combine as early as 2474 for deep-core mining, the Terran Confederacy made landfall three years later with the arrival of the Jonestown. In 2480, the Confederacy began operations to claim the planet entirely for itself. Through the threat of force and at times use of it, the Kel-Morian miners were relocated and their claims were subsequently handed over to the Kusinis family.[1]

The Guild WarsEdit

The planet became embattled in the Guild Wars. There was a closely fought battle in the South Kreen Mines, during which Horace Warfield of the 33rd Ground Assault Division led a charge into a Kel-Morian bunker, taking three bullets in the shoulder as he cleared a vital position. He was quickly made first lieutenant under Captain Arcturus Mengsk.[2]



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