SpacePlatform SC2 Art1

A terran space platform environment

Space platforms are space structures, existing in both planetary orbit and deep space.


Avernus Station SC-BG-BW Art1

A terran space platform

Terran space platforms are structures designed for use in both geostationary orbit and deep space and have a variety of functions, including staging areas, supply depots and habitation. Space platforms come with their own gravity accelerators,[1][2] though at least some terran units (such as the siege tank) are also equipped with on-board gravity generators, in case of a power failure on the platform itself.[1] Some platforms maintain their orbit through use of multiple atmospheric stabilizers.[3]

Some platforms have legitimate businesses[4] and in some cases, be entirely based on this.[5] Some terran space platforms are modular in design.[6]

Alien space platforms also exist.[7] The protoss are one such species that has their own version of orbital space platforms,[8] as are the xel'naga, who equipped at least one of their space platforms with rip fields.[9]


SpacePlatform SC2 Game1

Protoss forces at a space platform orbiting Braxis Alpha

At some point, strange symbols appeared on space platforms located at the edges of known space, bearing similarities to symbols found on Earth that were often theorized to have been created by alien spacecraft. Teams of scientists were dispatched in an attempt to finally learn whether these symbols were due to simple plasma induced phenomenon or intelligently controlled formations with universal teaching.[10]

During the Brood War, many platforms were abandoned, thus becoming the property of pirates, smugglers and bandits,[11] or simply destroyed by the UED and zerg.[12]

Notable PlatformsEdit

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SpacePlatform SC2 Art2

Space platform industry


Space platforms serve as settings in StarCraft and StarCraft II. They have their own tileset in each case.


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