Spanneti was a marine who served in Brute Squad. He was transferred to Moebius Corps, and served as security for Sector Six.[1]


Spanneti served in Brute Squad under Commander Dorian through battles at Korhal, Ghobi Station, Pantera Prime and Braxis. He was transferred to Moebius Corps after the squad was reassigned. He ran recovery and security missions for the Moebius Foundation.

Sector SixEdit

Spanneti was part of a recovery operation in search of a xel'naga relic on Beta Saul, but was ambushed by the pirate Zeus and his Players' Club. Spanneti shot in his shoulder, but still was able to fight alongside Dorian, ambushing Zeus's men. Zeus got away, but Brute Squad was able to retrieve the artifact.

Spanneti was taken back to the Revanscar facility with Brute Squad, and reassigned with the rest of his comrades to security on Sector Six. Lieutenant Zimmerman patched up his wounds, and he was assigned to guard duty. Shortly after an incident where Professor Benz went inane began shooting the section, the squad started to notice strange dreams and migraines. Spanneti wandered from his post and went into Sector Six (which security forces weren't allowed to go into directly), and when Dorian found him, he stated he didn't remember wandering in. He was rushed to the medical bay, but they stated it had to be a flu.

Later, Spanneti followed Dorian what was causing the strange occurrences in the sector. He served as a distraction for Zimmerman to lace the drink of a guard, Watkins, which allowed them to find the extent of his insanity. He was with Dorian when he gave the order to kill the hybrid that was causing the psychic distortions, but by that point he was already under the control of the hybrid. He and the rest of his enthralled squad killed the lab techs and Cranston in the Black Wing while Dorian was busy fighting the head of security Lieutenant Colonel Sparks, and blamed Cranston.

Dorian figured out the betrayal of his squad, but by that time he too was enthralled by the hybrid, putting the entire squad under hybrid control.[1]


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