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A spirit is literally defined as a non-corporal being or entity.

Effectively synonymous with the concept of a soul, a number of protoss have reached such a state of existence, such as Zamara.[1] The Nerazim believe that Adun also reached such a stage after his sacrifice to save them from the wrath of the Conclave, ascending to a higher plane of existence.[1]

If technopathic and pyrokinetic interactions are any indication, then machine and fire spirits appear to exist respectively.[2] Certainly the existence of the former fits in with the teachings of the Church of Besainted Pelagius, its disciples considering their technology to be holy as per the temporal presence of the Supreme Watchmaker.[3] Hajian voodoo believed in a pantheon of spirits named loa that inhabited a spirit world.[4]

The Cybernetics core contains essence translators that bind the spirits of fallen protoss to dragoons, stalkers, and other walkers.[5][6][7][8][9] Archons are effigies of the protoss' spirit.[5]

Cerebrates assumed non-corporeal forms upon physical death, appearing as tentacled spheres of light.[10] They could reincarnate within new bodies if their prior incarnation was killed, unless interfered with by certain psionic effects.[11][12] By comparison, the essences of primal pack leaders on Zerus appeared as arcs of lightning.[13]

The power of soul absorption is displayed by some protoss, such as Alarak.[14]


  • The text on the packaging for the archon superball available for purchase at BlizzCon 2014 described the archon as "made from sacrificed High Templar and Dark Templar souls." This however seems to be a statement made in jest.


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