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This article is about the comic compilation. For the novel sometimes referred to as StarCraft: Book #1, see StarCraft: Liberty's Crusade.

StarCraft: Book 1 is a compilation of the first seven StarCraft comic issues.

The Wildstorm hardcover version was published in April 2010. The Titan Books version was published in June 2010. A softcover version was printed on May 11, 2011.[1]

In addition to English, the graphic novel was published in Brazilian Portuguese.[2]


Softcover by Titan


Betrayed by Tamsen Cauley, the man who let them out of prison, the War Pigs split up and thought to live the rest of their days separately, hiding from friends and foes alike. Two years later they get an offer: If they kill Jim Raynor, Cauley will wipe the War Pigs' slates clean. They know they can't trust him...but sticking together gives them a slim chance of survival now that they've been found. And the Dominion may hate Raynor, but that doesn't make him a hero...does it?

Simon Furman (Transformers) spins a tale of betrayal, battles and alien infestations. Federico Dallocchio, Mike S. Miller, Brian Denham and Carlos D'Anda provide the stunning visuals for this bleak future.


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