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This article is about the Frontline short story. For the zerg substance, see creep.

StarCraft: Frontline: Creep is a story in the four-part StarCraft: Frontline series. It is found in volume 2. It is authored by Simon Furman and illustrated by Tomás Aira.


Feared by all and understood by none, zerg creep finally comes under the knife in the laboratory of protoss scientists. But instead of shedding light on the bizarre bio-matter, the scientists spiral into a psychologically disturbing and nightmarish struggle against a completely unknown foe.


The ethically ambiguous Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility (PAX), isolated on a world in the Koprulu Sector, conducted an experiment with creep. They planned on introducing a virus to it, which could eventually destroy all creep and commit genocide against the zerg. However, obtaining the creep had cost the lives of many protoss warriors, so three zealotsAkam, Golarath and Ruom – were sent to the facility to independently observe the experiments.

Things began to go wrong when Golarath and Ruom, observing the mutated creep, were "attacked" by it as it grew over them. Golarath severed his psionic appendages and killed himself, while Ruom's mind was filled with strange images – the scientists put him into an isolation chamber.

As the Khala began to "fog", the protoss began having visions of a deceased scientist, Brother Nubas. He had been involved in an experiment to push protoss evolutionary potential, but the study was a failure, causing him to dissolve. Different scientists had different memories, with some believing he had experimented on himself, and others believing he'd been forcibly experimented on. Some of the scientists even believed that Nubas had returned from death.

The gate connecting PAX to the rest of the protoss was sabotaged. Scientist Wa'Rak was found dead, having cut off his appendages and killed himself with a knife. The protoss continued to have conflicting visions and continued to go mad.

Eventually they discovered a horrifying truth – Ruom had been infested by the mutated creep, despite the protection usually afforded by the Khala. The creep had also been mentally influencing the protoss. A battle erupted, in which Ruom easily killed off the other protoss. Only scientist Gruu survived long enough to freeze the facility solid, ending the menace as well as his own life.

Later, a terran military expedition discovered the abandoned facility. They reported the mutated creep was still alive...


PAX Scientists[]

Forthum SC-FL Head1.jpg Gruu SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Harrum SC-FL2 Head1.jpg
Forthum (lead scientist) Gruu (narrator) Harrum
Jhas SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Wa'Rak SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Nubas SC-FL2 Comic1.jpg
Jhas Wa'Rak Nubas (previously deceased)


Akam SC-FL2 Head2.jpg Golarath SC-FL2 Head1.jpg Ruom SC-FL Head1.jpg
Akam (lead zealot) Golarath Ruom (hybridized)


Creep takes place in 2502.[1]

Simon Furman would like to tie-in the events of Creep with the StarCraft comic at some point in the future.[2]


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