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StarCraft: Frontline: Homecoming is a story in the four-part StarCraft: Frontline series. It is authored by Chris Metzen and illustrated by Hector Sevilla.


Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment's Senior Vice-President, Creative Development, brings you a never-before-seen story of Jim Raynor's past on Mar Sara—a tale that leads directly into the highly anticipated videogame StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty!


A solitary Jim Raynor traveled by vulture through the Diamondback Wastelands of Mar Sara to the site of his old house, of which there is only fire-ravaged framing on the foundation and a dead tree out front with a broken swing. Locating a safe embedded in the foundation, Raynor retrieves a trove of mementos and recalls his life with his wife Lidya. They had settled down after Raynor's previous wild years.

Sometime after leaving the Confederate military, and with an outlaw background, Raynor made a deal with the local magistrate—Raynor's old army record would be cleared if he would become the local marshal and keep the peace. Lidya made him promise he would always stand for what he believed in.

The Raynors had a son, John. When John was still a young boy, he had been tested for psionic potential. The Tarsonis Institute of Health and Research chose him to take part in government trials and reminded the parents that it was their duty to turn him over. Raynor mistrusted the Confederacy, but Lidya believed it would lead to a better life for their son. Sometime later, they received a report that John had been killed in a shuttle accident. Lidya blamed herself and came down with the flu that winter, dying of grief. In the present, an upset Raynor burned some of his mementos.

At Joeyray's Bar, Raynor drank Old No. 8 Whiskey. He watched a news report by Kate Lockwell: The Terran Dominion had recently annexed Mar Sara, many of whose colonists had returned to terraform the mining planet after its destruction. Local citizens worried about an increase in Dominion military presence, which could even spark an uprising.

The bartender, who had known Raynor for years, asked why he kept fighting the Dominion so hard. Raynor replied that he had made a promise, and he wouldn't quit until his ghosts were silent.


Main Character[]

Jim Raynor

Other Characters[]

Johnny Raynor


The summary and events of the story suggest that it takes place shortly before Wings of Liberty. The timeline featured in StarCraft II: Heaven's Devils lists it as taking place in 2504.[1]


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