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StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 4 is the fourth and final[1] volume of StarCraft: Frontline. It was announced in Volume 2.

It contains a preview of StarCraft: Ghost Academy.


Explore the thrilling, action-packed and breathtaking world of StarCraft in this collection of world-expanding adventures.


Chris Metzen, Blizzard Entertainment's Senior Vice-President, Creative Development, brings you a never-before-seen story of Jim Raynor's past on Mar Sara—a tale that leads directly into the highly anticipated videogame StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty!

Fear the Reaper
In David Gerrold's (writer of Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles") first foray into the StarCraft universe, a reformed reaper's dark past threatens to raze his life into the ground—unless the intervention of a protoss dark templar proves that the scythe is mightier than the gauss pistol.

Voice in the Darkness
An evil voice has been whispering in the darkness, a voice gone unheard...until now. When a terran archaeological mission falls prey to the heinous acts of the Voice, a brave dark templar team will have to face down a nightmarish enemy or the whole Koprulu Sector will spiral into madness...

After being hunted and captured by a Dominion wrangler, the young psionic boy Colin Phash has been taken to the Ghost Academy against his father's will. While Colin is inducted into this sinister institution, his father Corbin runs from what that which Colin is to become...

(This story acts as a tie-in to the events of the Ghost Academy graphic novel series.)[2][3]

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