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StarCraft: Ghost Academy is a graphic novel series written by Keith R. A. DeCandido[4] and David Gerrold[5] starring Nova.[4]

The artist is Fernando Heinz Furukawa.[1]

Ghost Academy: Volume 1 was previewed in StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 4.[6]


Ghost Academy serves as a sequel to StarCraft: Ghost: Nova, and coincides with chapters 18 and 19,[7] just prior to Nova's first mission.[4] The graphic novel series was followed by StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, a print novel.[7]

It also ties-in with StarCraft: Frontline: Volume 3 and Volume 4 stories featuring Colin Phash.[8]

The storyline focuses on Ghost Academy teens, struggling with both everyday problems and the challenges of becoming a ghost.[9]

The plot of Ghost Academy was not restricted by the storyline of StarCraft: Ghost, and was instead influenced more by the storyline of StarCraft II.[10]


Main CharactersEdit

Nova SC-GA1 Head2 KathToom SC-GA1 Head1 GabrielTosh SC-GA2 Head1 LioTravski SC-GA1 Head1
Nova Terra Kath Toom Gabriel Tosh Lio Travski

Supporting CharactersEdit

SarcoAngelini SC-GA1 Head2 KevinBick SC-GA1 Head1 AalCistler SC-GA1 Head1 DeltaEmblock SC-GA1 Head1 Hartley GhostVol1 Body
Sarco Angelini Kevin Bick Aal Cistler Delta Emblock Hartley
Lagdamen SC-GA1 Head1 DylannaOkyl SC-GA2 Head1 ColinPhash WeaponOfWar Comic1 CorbinPhash SC-GA1 Head1
Lagdamen Dylanna Okyl Colin Phash Corbin Phash

Minor CharactersEdit

Mentioned OnlyEdit


SC-GA1 Cover1 SC GA2 Cover1 SC GA3 Cover1
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3

Canceled InstallmentsEdit

Ghost Academy was planned to have three more volumes, but Tokyopop shut down before this could happen. Nonetheless, Blizzard's creative team plotted out where the three volumes would have gone and provided them to Nate Kenyon—author of StarCraft: Ghost: Spectres, so the novel would remain consistent with the plotted canon. Micky Neilson would nonetheless like to give Ghost Academy "lost chapters" treatment.[11]

It is known that Volume 4 would have revealed that Arcturus Mengsk had sent the drop pod to Shi in an effort to eliminate the Old Family heirs.[12]


StarCraft Ghost Academy Vol

StarCraft Ghost Academy Vol. 1 Book Trailer


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