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StarCraft: Scavengers: Issue 3 is the third issue of the StarCraft: Scavengers comic series.


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A group of terran space scavengers are ambushed by an invisible, deadly stalker--and then by aggressive Dominion forces out to ruin their salvage operation! Writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzman (Star Wars, Mass Effect) join forces for an exciting new sci-fi series that expands the universe of Blizzard's hit game.[1]


After being accosted by Captain Barlow and her Terran Dominion marines, Gene (a Magpie scavenger) opened fire on her forces, leading to a brief firefight that killed one of the scavengers and wounded Grace. Captain Theban then surrendered, and Barlow took Caleb aside, telling him to come along with her. He agreed, and was brought in for interrogation aboard her Liberator.

In the interrogation room, Barlow told Caleb of the trouble he was in with the law, as they violated a treaty with the Daelaam. Caleb insisted that there was something on the ship following them. Not long after Davis burst in, telling them that they had found something in the ships logs. Elsewhere on the ship, as Captain Jackson begun to seal the hatches, he was attacked by the shadowy assailant and killed.

Going through the logs, Davis and Barlow studied the files they had found, revealing the attacker to be an imprisoned Nerazim who was held for murdering other protoss. The protoss were transporting her when the records were cut off. Barlow stated that the ship had to be destroyed, and sent Caleb back to his cell, but when the marine escorting him opened the door Caleb turned on him and knocked him down. The scavengers then killed the guard and rearmed themselves.

The scavengers then stormed the Liberator's bridge as they were preparing to destroy the derelict ship and the Magpie. The Scavengers fired on the marines, gunning them down, but Davis was able to activate firing procedures, destroying the protoss ship and the Magpie. Enraged, Kyra shot Barlow, and began to stomp her face until she was nothing but a bloody mess. Theban stated though they lost their ship, they had the protoss salvage and the Liberator, and they prepared to leave. But as they made preparations, a protoss psionic voice came from the corpses of the Dominion marines, telling them that they will soon all be dead.[2]




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