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StarCraft: Scavengers: Issue 4 is the fourth and final installment of the StarCraft: Scavengers series.


A seemingly simple salvage operation goes horribly wrong when terran space scavengers and investigating Dominion forces are both tormented by an unseen, lethal monster! Writer Jody Houser (Spider-Man, Mother Panic) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Star Wars, Mass Effect) collaborate on a thrilling new sci-fi series that expands the universe of Blizzard's hit game.[1]


Following the death of Captain Barlow and her Terran Dominion marines, the mysterious Nerazim assailant spoke through the corpses to the scavenger crew on how they were all going to die, as she saw that as little more than insects. Captain Nero Theban ordered his scavengers to shoot the corpses to quiet the protoss's attack, and began to shout about how the United Earth Directorate would return to purify them from the sector. But when he brought it up, Grace protested, saying he should have told them. Outraged, Theban shot her, then told them they would hunt down the Nerazim.

Caleb suggested that they seal themselves in the bridge and vent the ship, sending the protoss into space, but Theban refused, saying they needed to take it down themselves. Caleb then told Kyra they could still do the plan as something was wrong with Captain Theban. Kyra refused, as terrans needed to stick together.

The group exited the room, only to have Gene be stabbed by the Nerazim, who then decapitated Theban. Kyra and Caleb tried to run to the escape pods and wait for Dominion forces to arrive, but the protoss jettisoned the escape pods. While discussing what to do, the two were met by the Nerazim, who revealed herself to them. Caleb tried to surrender, but Kyra raised her gun. The Nerazim told them that one of them needed to survive to fly the ship and aid her, and Kyra immediately said that it should be her. Caleb reflected on Kyra recruiting him from his home, before agreeing she should be the one to make it off the ship.

The Nerazim ordered that Kyra kill Caleb, and she began to turn to shoot him, but she stabbed Kyra with her warp blade, saying Caleb was stronger, and the pain would make him more malleable. Caleb and the Nerazim went to the cockpit of the liberator, and sped off to parts unknown.[2]




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