StarCraft: Scavengers: Volume 1 is an upcoming paperback volume of the StarCraft: Scavengers comic series.


Writer Jody Houser (Mother Panic, Faith) and artist Gabriel Guzmán (Mass Effect, Star Wars) join forces for StarCraft, a new series further exploring the expansive universe of Blizzard's hit video game.

Seen from the point of view of a young, inexperienced engineer, a group of terran space scavengers hope to pull off the job of their lifetimes, ignoring a recent United Earth Directorate treaty to pillage a derelict protoss ship. The scavengers' dangerous plan is compounded by the fact that the protoss ship is in a decaying orbit above a backwater planet. If their time doesn't run out and Dominion police forces don't bust them, will protoss or zerg factions in the outer rim find and execute them?[1]


The description of the comic refers to a treaty between the United Earth Directorate and Daelaam. This appears to be in error, as a treaty does exist between the Dominion and Daelaam (as described in the official Scavengers description), whereas the UED is not known to have had any contact with the protoss after the Brood War.


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