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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

StarCraft: Subjection is a fan-made arcade game for StarCraft II, created by Andrew "Gradius" Ray. It has been recognized by Blizzard Entertainment.[1]


The game is effectively a mini-campaign, taking place over 8 missions, each with custom models and voice acting, and four available difficulty settings. Its storyline centers on three protoss heroes who are sent to the frozen planet of Odin to investigate the sudden silence from a mining expedition. Since the planet contains a vast number of khaydarin crystals, Artanis has deemed it critical to the greater war effort of the protoss. Thus, Meliak, Lazadin, and Telios must investigate the fate of the missing miners, and in doing so, uncover a plot of that will challenge their loyalties.

Development of the campaign took roughly three years to complete, working on and off. The game draws inspiration from the worldbuilding, sounds, and style of the original StarCraft and Brood War campaigns.

A machinima version of the game is also available, which collects the game's cutscenes into a single narrative.[1]


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