StarCraft: Survivors is an upcoming four issue StarCraft comic series. It serves as a sequel to StarCraft: Scavengers.


Writer extraordinaire Jody Houser (StarCraft: Scavengers, Stranger Things), artist Gabriel Guzmán (StarCraft: Scavengers, Predators), colorist Michael Atiyeh (StarCraft: Scavengers, Dragon Age), and letterer Steve Dutro (I Am a Hero Omnibus, StarCraft: Scavengers) team up to continue the tale started in StarCraft: Scavengers. Based on an original story by Jody Houser and Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft game team, StarCraft: Survivors reveals exciting new territory in the StarCraft universe!

After surviving a murderous dark templar's rampage, a terran space engineer named Caleb is forced to carry out the protoss’s bidding: he must infiltrate a munitions factory in the Umojan Protectorate and find a mysterious source of power.[1]


After the the events that ended with the death of the crew of the ‘’Magpie’’, Caleb was sent by his captor to the planet of Aeneas to Spearpoint Base. There Caleb was ordered to find a secret Umojan laboratory that holds a source of great power.

He entered the planet undercover as a worker looking for a job at the munitions factory, where he met Dahlia and her father Frank, who welcomed him and tell him that he could come to them if they need anything. Caleb then went to work in the factory, drowning himself in his job, much to the worry of Frank, while feeling guilt for the deaths of his former comrades. One night he snuck out late to meet his Nerazim captor, who told him she accepted his plan to take it slow and not arouse suspicion, and that she trusted him to find the lab. However, she took away the device he used to disable the base’s security so he could not escape.

Caleb then got closer to Frank and the factory crew, even meeting Frank and Dahlia for dinner. However, their dinner was interrupted by a curdling scream, and Caleb discovered that a factory worker named Russell was brutally murdered, his chest ripped open.





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