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StarCraft: Survivors: Issue 2 is the second issue of the StarCraft: Survivors comic series.


As Spearpoint Base reels from the murder of one of their own, Caleb attempts to find solace in the friends he's made since his arrival. But he never forgets his true objective: find the secret lab before the dark templar kills again.

Based on an original story by Blizzard Entertainment's StarCraft game team and Jody Houser! [1]


Shortly after the murder of Russell by the rogue Nerazim, the workers of the Umojan Protectorate munitions facility Spearpoint Base were gathered for a meeting to inform them an investigation would be launched. Later that day Frank, George and Caleb went to the base's bar to drink to Russell's memory. Later Caleb was distracted by the memories of the death of the Magpie crew on the job, leading to him shorting a panel of wires. This attracted the attention of the shift manager Jace, who accused Caleb of being a spy. Ida Briggs, the security officer, forced Jace to leave, and offered Caleb some of her alcohol, telling him to come to her if he needed someone to talk to.

Later, Frank told Caleb that Ida had feelings for her, and offered that Caleb come to a card game she'd be attending. Caleb was noncommittal, and later that night wandered out to find the Umojan secret lab he was sent to find, but to no avail, instead going to the card game and enjoying himself. But late that night, the Nerazim came to his room with the body of Jace, telling him he had not found the lab for ten days, and that he had five more, forcing him to say he belonged to her. Caleb disposed of the body in a waste disposal incinerator.

Later when they shared a meal, Caleb and his comrades discussed the disappearance of Jace, questioning whether he was a spy or not. Caleb left, and Ida followed, telling him that the base was being used to research something for the defense of the sector, and that he shouldn't give up hope as help was arriving to sort out the murders. Later, a group of shadowguards arrived to investigate the base.[2]




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