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StarCraft: Survivors: Issue 4 is the fourth and final issue of the StarCraft: Survivors comic series.


The dark templar has defeated the Shadowguard and infiltrated the hidden lab. The only obstacle standing in her way is a scientist with a cutting-edge weapon developed for killing her kind. As the vengeful protoss's plans come closer to fruition, Caleb must decide where his allegiance lies.[1]


In the secret Umojan Protectorate lab at Spearpoint Base, Dr. Robertson held a renegade Nerazim and Caleb at gunpoint, hoping to test an experimental anti-protoss weapon she had been developing on the Nerazim. However, Caleb reached for a laser pistol, and to the doctor's surprise shot her in the chest. The Nerazim commended him for protecting "his master," and took the weapon, stating she would use it against her enemies. The Nerazim then had Caleb send a message to the Tal'darim, to send the Death Fleet to assault the world.

Security entered the room to find Dr. Robertson dead. The Nerazim engaged them, allowing time for Caleb to run out of the lab, finding Ida. Ida told him to flee to a shelter, but Caleb told her that she couldn't fight the protoss, and that it was responsible for the killings, and that he knew her. Ida was shocked that Caleb would work with an alien threat, and pointed her gun at him, but when she said he could have died rather than turn on his own, Caleb stated he tried, but that the Nerazim killed his friends because of his efforts to sacrifice himself for them. Reluctant, Ida let Caleb go.

Back outside of the lab, Caleb guided the Nerazim to a spacecraft while Ida evacuated the children of the base, including Dahlia. Soon, the Death Fleet arrived, bombarding the base and destroying its defenses. The Nerazim stated he served her well, and that the weapon mixed with the power source they retrieved from a protoss ship would be the undoing of her enemies. Unable to continue to submit to her will, Caleb took his laser pistol and shot the navigation controls of the ship. Shocked, the Nerazim cut off his arm, but it was too late; the ship went careening into the Tal'darim mothership and exploded, destroying both ships and killing them both.[2]




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