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StarCraft Episode V: The Iron Fist covered the actions of the United Earth Directorate expeditionary force in the Koprulu Sector. In this campaign, the player took the role of a UED captain.

First Strike

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First Strike

One of the first strikes by the UED in the sector was on the city of Boralis on Braxis. The Confederate Resistance Forces, led by Lieutenant Samir Duran, aided the UED by providing vespene gas and tactical intelligence.[1] The assault on Terran Dominion fortifications was successful and the resistance was absorbed by UED forces.[2]

The Dylarian Shipyards

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Dylarian shipyards

Soon, the UED had access to the Dominion's primary datanet and ascertained the location of the Dylarian Shipyards. Duran warned Admiral Gerard DuGalle and the captain about Dominion reinforcements.[3] UED soldiers commandeered the Dominion's battlecruisers in drydock and used them to turn back a reprisal by General Edmund Duke.[4] Dylar IV's defense forces were conscripted.[5]

Ruins of Tarsonis

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Ruins of Tarsonis

The UED research team found the psi disrupter on Tarsonis. By Duran's advice, DuGalle ordered the Disrupter destroyed on the belief it would hinder the effort to enslave the zerg.[6] UED forces fought their way through a cordon of zerg hives to secure the disrupter. Before it could be destroyed, Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov intervened.[7]

Assault on Korhal

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Assault on Korhal

The UED moved on to assault Korhal, the capital world of the Dominion. The world was defended by a large fleet of battlecruisers and an arsenal of nuclear weapons. There was only time to deprive the Dominion of one of these options before the assault on Augustgrad and DuGalle tasked the captain to choose and disable either the battlecruiser fleet or the nuclear arsenal. The sortie was a success.[8]

Emperor's Fall

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Emperor's Fall

With the defenses weakened, the UED launched a successful assault on Augustgrad. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk attempt to escape aboard the Norad III but was forced to request a parlay. However, before the emperor could be captured he was rescued by Commander Jim Raynor and a small protoss fleet. The UED's quarry escaped via dimensional recall.[9]

Emperor's Flight

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Emperor's Flight

The UED tracked the fugitives to Aiur and found Mengsk and his benefactors preparing to go even farther afield via warp gate. The UED fought an initially successful action to prevent the escape only to be foiled again by unexpected intervention. Duran failed to hold in check suddenly active zerg forces. The zerg swarmed into the operations area and the fugitives escaped through the gate in the resulting chaos.[10]

Patriot's Blood

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Patriot's Blood

Stukov departed for Braxis and the psi disrupter he had secretly relocated there. DuGalle was dismayed to discover Stukov's duplicity and ordered the execution of the vice admiral. Duran complied with his orders and led a strike force to do this.[11]

In the ensuing operation Stukov was mortally wounded but managed to convince DuGalle that Duran was a zerg operative and that the disrupter must be saved before expiring.[12] UED forces successfully prevented the zerg from activating the disrupter's self-destruct. A garrison was deployed to maintain the structure.[13]

To Chain the Beast

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To Chain the Beast

With the psi disrupter secure the UED turned its attention to capturing the Overmind. At Char the humans discovered the Swarm in disarray due to the active disrupter, and the invaders made planetfall easily. However, three cerebrates and their broods near the Overmind maintained cohesion. Each brood had unique properties which bolstered the defense. Despite these unexpected factors, UED forces broke into the nesting ground and successfully fought their way to the Overmind. The giant creature was pacified by neurostims administered by medics and psychics began the process of enslaving it.

With the battle won Duran returned and introduced Sarah Kerrigan to DuGalle. The Queen of Blades delivered a warning, promising to rally the Koprulu sector's disaffected denizens and wrest control of the sector back from the UED.[14]

UED Victory Report


UED Victory Report Enhanced Cinematic Starcraft Remastered 4K

UEN broadcast.

The UED's United Earth Network created a propaganda presentation for Earth's public. It reported the capture of Char and the second Overmind by the UED Expeditionary Fleet. The broadcast claimed this precluded a zerg invasion of Earth, and that the UED's advanced technology secured victory with minimal casualties while inflicting "millions" on the zerg. The broadcast also claimed Stukov was killed in action during the assault on Char and buried in space,[15] rather than dying on Braxis under less than heroic circumstances.[16]

List of Missions


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