Team Fortress is a Conclave combat simulation which was presided over by Aldaris. Each player controls a different specialized team, and must work together with their allies. The players are split into two "factions", the Light Side and the Dark Side.

Game MapEdit

StarCraft Fortress is an eight player scenario map for StarCraft.

At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a team, often referred to as a "character class". Teams can be switched as the game progresses.

The objective is to collect the most points in 30 minutes. Capturing enemy flags and killing their teams grants points.


Team Name Composition Workers
Covert Ops Ghost, observer Drone
Assault Team Battlecruiser Drone (x2)
Infantry Team Hunter Killer, Fenix (zealot) Drone
Pyrotechnics Team Archon, Gui Montag Drone
Engineering Team Science vessel Drone, probe
Surveillance Team Scout, observer Drone
Demolitions Team Jim Raynor (vulture), reaver (scarabs are free) Drone
Psychic Team High templar, queen Drone

Special UnitsEdit

Several units have different stats than the regular StarEdit versions.

The ghosts have 80 hit points, 1 base armor and do 30 damage. (This is a significant increase in both hit points and damage, the latter of which matches Sarah Kerrigan's damage value.)

Hunter Killers have 200 hit points, 2 armor and deal 25 damage. (This is a +25% increase in damage.)

Fenix (zealot) has 200 shield points, 200 hit points, 2 armor and does 20 damage per blade. (This is 40 fewer shield points and hit points than Fenix.)

Gui Montag does 24 damage per flamer, which is significantly more damage, but otherwise his statistics are unchanged.

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